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New Endoscopic Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning Solutions

New Endoscopic Cleaning Solutions

Endoscope Cleaning Brushes

Semi disposable combination brush set (includes Port Brush and Long Channel Endoscope Brush).

For cleaning flexible endoscope channels between 2.0mm and 4.2mm. Length 220cm.

Matrix Wipes

Unique biofilm removing detergent wipes for pre-cleaning endoscopes and other medical devices. Ready to use and conveniently packaged wipes.

Contain MatrixT biofilm removing solution (a patented formulation of surfactants specifically designed for removing biological soils and biofilms).

Apertured wipes to ensure sufficient density for removing organic soiling. 

Matrix Biofilm Remover Cleaning Solution

Matrix is a breakthrough in validated cleaning protocols. More effective than enzymatic cleaners, Matrix is the only proven solution designed to remove bacterial biofilms in which both bacteria and other microorganisms may be imbedded on flexible and rigid endoscopes and accessories which have accumulated over time due to insufficient cleaning. 

Impacts 100% on viable bacteria to provide absolute assurance that all your endoscopes and instruments are optimally cleaned.

Medizyme Multi-Enzyme Cleaning Solution

Medizyme Multi-Enzyme Cleaner is totally compatible with all flexible and rigid endoscopes due to its neutral PH. Provides safe and effective cleaning against proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and mucopolysaccharides.

Also provides a combination of better detergency and good rinsing ability to ensure the best possible results.

OPAL Disinfectant

OPAL is an Ortho-Phthalaldehyde (OPA) based high-level liquid disinfectant that features a reuse period of up to 21 days and a fast turnaround of 6-minute contact time at 20 degrees. 

Ready to use, no mixing or activation required. Effective against a wide array of micro-organisms. Suitable for use on all flexible and rigid endoscopes and accessories.

OPAL Test Strips

Opal Test Strips are chemical indicators for use in determining whether the concentration of OPA, the active ingredient in OPAL, is above or below the minimum recommended concentration of 0.35%.

It is recommended that the OPAL solution be tested before each disinfection cycle.

  • Easy to use - 3 second dip time

  • Results in 90 seconds

  • Colour reference chart to confirm the concentration amount. Large, easy to read indicator pad

Mr Clear Anti-Fog Solution

Convenient 6ml Anti-Fog solution which eliminates condensation at the distal end of rigid endoscopes/telescopes.

Non-abrasive sponge allows for effective cleaning without distal lens damage.

Endoscope Cleaning DVD

Flexible Endoscope Reprocessing DVD (2008) for gastrointestinal endoscopes and bronchoscopes.

This DVD provides a step-by-step demonstration of the reprocessing procedure, including pre-cleaning, manual cleaning and high-level disinfection.

It is an excellent reference and training tool both for new staff and all personnel involved in the cleaning and reprocessing of flexible endoscopes and accessories.

Ask us for your free copy!



Cleaning and maintaining your Endoscopic equipment and instruments is not only crucial in terms of infection

control but to also stop any fluids from potentially invading endoscopes and equipment.

Moisture can cause damage as soon as it invades an endoscope and the longer the fluid remains undetected and unaddressed,

the greater the damage to the instruments. The result is costly repairs and downtime of your Endoscopic equipment.

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