Andersen Ethelyne Oxide Sterilisation System

EtO Gas Sterilisation

The Anderson Sterilisation system is used in the research and development of 3D Bioprinting products.

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Andersen Small and Large Ampoule and Bag Refill Kit

Andersen Dosimeter Chemical Indicator

The most gentle, efficient and effective low-temperature steriliser available. The Anprolene system offers unique plastic sterilisation bags and individual gas ampoules in two different sizes to match the size of your sterilisation load.


  • SAFE MICRO-DOSE gas ampoule system - each sterilisation load uses less than 20gr of EtO

  • Unmatched sterilisation flexibility to sterilise a wide range of delicate ENDOSCOPY and VETERINARY instruments

  • Powerful ventilation and purge pumps

  • Digital display tracks cycle progress

  • Low cost per cycle - between $25 - $65 depending upon sterilisation load

  • 12 Hour and 24 Hour cycles to choose from

  • Extra-long cabinet - interior dimensions:                    35cm W x 32.5cm H x 74.5cm L / 84 L capacity

Ideal For:

  • Administration Sets

  • Arthroscopes & Laparoscopes

  • Biopsy & Grasping Forceps

  • Bottles

  • Catheters

  • Cautery Cords & Tips 

  • Clothes 

  • Defibrillator Leads & Paddles

  • Dermal Punches

  • Drill Pieces

  • Endotracheal Tubes

  • Flexible Endoscopes

  • Instruments

  • Light Guide Cables

  • Gloves

  • Needles 

  • Ophthalmic Instruments

  • Otoscopes 

  • Respirators

  • Surgical Staplers

  • Syringes

  • Tubing

  • Video Endoscopy Cameras




In the Andersen system, the EtO is supplied in a glass ampoule which is held within a break shield. Gas is delivered to the heart of the load, achieving the highest level of sterilisation for any given amount of gas.

The gas is released by breaking the ampoule. The EtO boils, giving a very distinctive bubbling and cooling feeling as it does so. This provides very clear, positive feedback that the ampoule has been properly activated.

The packaged items, ready to be sterilised, are placed inside the supplied sterilisation bag. The cabinet holds the space around the sterilisation bag below room pressure. This ensures that any leak is from the room into the cabinet. Any EtO released through the bag is taken to the outside through the exhaust tube at the back of the cabinet.

The bag volumes vary in size, giving great flexibility in the volume, size and shape of items that can be sterilised.

Small Ampoule and Bag Refill Kit consists of:

  • 60 x 5cc Ampoules

  • 60 x 10 Litre Sterilisation Bags

Large Ampoule and Bag Refill Kit consists of:

  • 14 x 18cc Ampoules

  • 14 x 40 Litre Sterilisation Bags

  • Probe strap

Time, temperature and EtO concentration are essential to successful sterilisation. Dosimeter integrators present visual assurance that all these parameters have been fulfilled. 

Dosimeters change colour in proportion to the dose of sterilant they contact. View results immediately after sterilisation. No laboratory culture is necessary.

Use one Dosimeter per cycle.


  • Read results immediately

  • Reliable 

  • Easy to use for every sterilisation load

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