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Companion Animal ENT/Rhinoscopy/Otoscopy/Cystoscopy

New Standard Veterinary Rhinoscope Set

Rhinoscope set supplied with two sheaths, with larger sheath allowing both biopsy and irrigation.

Features universal eyepiece for compatibility with all Endoscopic video cameras.

Multi-purpose rigid endoscope which can also be used for:

Avian Endoscopy





System Includes:

• Rhinoscope 2.7mm 30° (190mm working length) 

• 3.7mm / 11 Fr Sheath (no biopsy facility - only irrigation)

• 4.7mm / 14 Fr Sheath (biopsy & irrigation)

• High-intensity LED Portable Light Handle (with variable brightness)

• Cleaning Brush & Custom Carry Case

• Supplied with your choice of 1.6mm Biopsy or Grasping Forceps

Otoscope not included (please refer below)

New Standard Veterinary Otoscope Set

IMGP0657(adj) copy.jpg

Complete, all-in-one veterinary otoscope. Ideal for quick examinations in the consulting room. Large field of view and depth of field. Also used for foreign body removal and/or biopsy and quick diagnostics.

Set includes:

  • Otoscope 5.5mm 0 Deg (100mm Working Length)

  • High-Intensity LED Portable Light Handle (with variable brightness)

  • Two Way Stopcock (Removable)

  • Cleaning Brush and Carry Case

  • Supplied with your choice of 1.6mm Biopsy or Grasping Forceps


Essential Instrument for every Clinic

New All-in-One Portable Video System (AE-1080 HD)

page 21 copy.jpg

This all-in-one portable HD Video System is a complete, user-friendly solution for all types of rigid endoscopy for the practice as well as the mobile vet.


  • 15.5" full HD display

  • 3-metre long camera and light lead cables

  • Image/video capture facilitated from the camera head

  • Multiple video outputs for slave monitors

System includes:

  • 15.5" full HD display

  • Video processor

  • Camera head

  • LED light source

  • Light lead

  • Custom carry case

New 1.6mm/5fr Semi-Flexible Biopsy/Retrieval Forcep

Will suit rigid ENT/Otoscopes with instrument channels 1.8mm and above.

Working length: 270mm

Ultra-slim 1.6mm/5fr semi-flexible biopsy forceps. Ideal for biopsy of ear, nose or throat.

Ultra-slim 1.6mm/5fr semi-flexible grasping forceps. Ideal for removal of foreign bodies from ear canals and nasal cavities.

Ultra-slim 1.6mm/5fr semi-flexible dual purpose biopsy/retrieval forceps.

New Olympus ENT/Cystoscopy Endoscope and Accessories

Compact, slim design and lightweight, this scope is the ideal choice for ENT and Cystoscopy. Integrated stopcock saves time and simplifies the procedure. Atraumatic smooth beak ensures optimum patient comfort.

Supplied with instrument tray and sealing caps.


  • 7 Degree field of view

  • 2.6mm Diameter

  • 160mm Working Length

  • 1.4mm Instrument Channel

  • 45 Degree Angled Ocular

  • Fully Autoclavable


  • New Olympus Flexible Grasping Forceps
    1mm/280mm Working Length

  • New Olympus Flexible Biopsy Forceps
    1mm/280mm Working Length

Olympus URF-V Video Endoscope/URF-P5 Fiberscope

Breakthrough technology in every aspect.


From insertion to maintenance, Olympus incorporates it's latest proprietary technology in the development of the URF-V Video Endoscope/URF-P5 Flexible Fibrescope where significant benefits are realised when performing ENT/Rhinoscopy/Cystoscopy.

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